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led2play Service Learning Journeys are designed for those who love sport, play and games and also enjoy sharing these passions while they engage in life-changing moments with others. As soon as the ball is rolled out on the field, regardless of the location, what do we all do? We run to the ball and start to smile. Wouldn't it be wonderful to take this vision and spread it across the world and serve people while playing?!

Imagine traveling into the rainforest to coach, teach, mentor and play your favorite sport with the local youth in Costa Rica. Or, imagine teaching and coaching brain-based learning activities with children across Germany. Picture yourself teaching tumbling, gymnastics or dance to people who have never even seen it before. All of the knowledge and skills you have gained by playing through the years will culminate in hundreds of people learning your game and smiling all across the globe. Play is one of the purest forms of serving - just show up!

led2serveU creates and develops all of our led2play Service Journeys and educational partnerships.

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Co-founder Dr. Nancy H. Cummings will launch led2play in January, 2014.  This is something that you won't want to miss... Nancy Cummings specializes in creating meaningful SLO's and robust curriculum activities for numerous disciplines. All of our led2play Service Learning Journeys are a great fit for interns!

Preview the 2014 Journey calendar to select your preferred game or sport. If you are already part of a team, consider coming as a group.


Who should join led2play Service Learning Journeys?

  • athletes, athletic teams, anyone who likes to play
  • coaches, anyone who likes to lead sports and games
  • educators, mentors
  • athletic trainers, sports medicine folks
  • sports ministry leaders and members
  • gymnasts, tumblers, rhythmic dancers
  • outdoor education faculty and majors
  • students of all ages
  • leadership teams


led2play Service Learning Journeys help combine your servant heart with the inner child that we all have. From our younger days, we have wondered if play could be a vehicle that could make a lasting impact in other peoples lives. It can and it does! Just grab a ball, find a few kids, start moving and watch everyone come running. The smiles, the stories, the friendships, the meals afterwards;  some of our most favorite moments come from being led2play with someone else. Give a little, play a little, play it forward... You could change a life simply by spending time with someone and playing.


Where do we play, coach and mentor?

  • we have a monthly Journey going into Costa Rica and Journeys in Germany twice a year
  • our week-long Journeys in Costa Rica rotate between three school partnerships
  • Germany Journeys focus on community schools and after-school programs in Berlin and Cologne



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Starting in January, 2014, a typical led2play week in Costa Rica will start with your arrival at the airport. From there, we will transport you to La Fortuna. From that location, we will serve and play at several community partner village schools. Our goal will be to serve the children by teaching and mentoring them in a sport or game for a few days and move through the villages. At the end of your week, we will focus back on these schools and organize a community-wide sports day where the students can share with their families what they learned and demonstrate our model of play it forward.


Looking Ahead

Wed Mar 04 - Fri Mar 06
All Saints' Academy ~ 7th grade
Ocala, Florida
Wed Mar 04 - Sat Mar 07
All Saints' Academy ~ 8th Grade
Key Largo, Florida
Sat Jul 11 - Sat Jul 18
Service Misson (Rash)
Santa Teresa & Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica
Sat Jul 11 - Sat Jul 18
Women's Adventure & Serve
La Fortuna, Nuevo Arenal, Monteverde
Sat Jul 18 - Sat Jul 25
Campus Ministries/Alumni (KWU)
Costa Rica
Sat Jul 18 - Sat Jul 25
International Leader Training
Costa Rica
Sun Aug 09 - Fri Aug 14
Service Mission (kitchen team)
Ocala, Florida
Mon Sep 14 - Sat Sep 19
All Saints' Academy ~ 12th grade
Costa Rica
Tue Sep 15 - Fri Sep 18
All Saints' Academy ~ 10th grade
Live Oak, Florida
Sat Oct 10 - Fri Oct 16
Still Issues in Paradise? Addiction, Mental Health and Community
Monteverde, San Jose and La Fortuna; Costa RIca


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