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The Environment and Relationships

Picking ripe coffee beans, planting fields of corn and engaging in various reforestation projects around the farm were the ways that a led2serve team of seven Georgia College students and six led2serve interns served locally at Arenal Vida Campesina in La Fortuna, Alajuela, Costa Rica. 


These students worked together in three groups to learn and cultivate new skills and enjoy fellowship with one another. The purpose of this service day was to provide these students with a hands-on learning experience of a typical day for employees on the farm. This service learning project gave the students the opportunity to engage in community and environmental sustainability with over 50 service hours during their month-long stay in Costa Rica. 


With led2serve’s mission to build relationships within the communities they serve, Arenal Vida Campesina has been a service location for led2serve over the past five years. Arenal Vida Campesina is a self-sustained, organic and cultural education center that strives to share the true life of a rural Costa Rican family and preserve the customs and traditions of Costa Rica. 


The led2serve team was educated about the importance of producing crops in sustainable form and how to integrate with the local community to provide what is necessary. With an afternoon full of service, students gained firsthand knowledge on how a family-owned farm strives to survive and develop for future years.


“I really enjoyed serving and interacting with members of the local community during our service project,” Mary Beth McWhirt said. “It was great to learn firsthand how an organic farm operates and runs on a daily basis in Costa Rica.”

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Service Journeys that Change Lives


Service Learning in Costa Rica“In the fall of 2013, I was in Dr. Cynthia Orm's Business Ethics class. Around that time is when I found out that there was going to be a study abroad trip to Costa Rica,” said senior Julie Coppedge. “The company who is going to be helping us with our journey, Led2Serve, came to speak to our class about the opportuntiy.  That is where we were given the idea about having a school supplies drive to raise supplies for students in the Costa Rican schools.”

The focus of the drive was to provide notebooks, paper, pencils and more to students in the schools of northern Costa Rica. The support was so great that she was able to collect enough supplies for two grade schools for an entire school year. This is just one service-learning aspect from this study abroad experience. Students will also focus on the local community and environmental sustainability resulting in 50 or more hours of service during the month-long trip. 

“I think it’s important for students to understand the role they play as global citizens and the responsibility we have outside the U.S.,” said Dr. Cynthia Orms, assistant professor of accounting. “Many study abroad experiences focus on the tourist things to do in a country, but the students here are immersed into the Costa Rican culture, living in a small community, eating local cuisine every meal and working with the community to look at environmental sustainability, ethics and business practices.”

Service Learning Costa Rica in MilledgevilleThe seven undergraduate and graduate students will also spend some of their spare time zip lining, rafting and taking a boat tour through the rainforest. However it’s the service learning work done throughout the month that really gives them hands-on experience.

“I am so excited to get to know the community members, to spend time with them and work with them,” said Coppage. “I believe that this trip is going to change my life for the better, and I am so ready to experience it all.”

led2serve continues to mobilize families, students, youth groups, schools and anyone with a heart to serve others. Visit the calendar of UPCOMING JOURNEYS to find the one that fits your serving heart in the coming year. Or, customize your own Service Journey for a group of friends!

Announcing! The Center for Global Service Learning


Kansas Wesleyan University introduces The Center for Global Service Learning, in partnership with led2serveU. This on-campus office is excited to provide a guaranteed Service Learning experience to all qualified students wo have attended KWU for at least 4 semesters. The Wesleyan Journey will be a opportunity that every student will want to explore! 

The Center for Global Service Learning will collaborate with faculty to customize dynamic Service Learning Study Away courses that support established community partners around the world. Linking academic outcomes with intentional service provides one of the richest forms of learning for today's students. Innovative internship opportunities, vibrant learning experiences domestic and abroad, and meaningful, life-changing service projects are the hallmark of The Center for Global Service Learning.

IMG 9714 - Version 2
Dr. Cummings and Vanessa Puleo launch with Dr. Thompson at KWU

The Center has a robust resource area both in-house and online. These resources are for students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of KWU. Also, transient faculty and transient students may participate in the near future! Ongoing workshops are designed to address any potential questions faculty and students may have along with preparing them for their Journey. You will learn a ton of information beyond what you would imagine about travel to your specific destination, cultural sensitivity, safety, money and currency as well as tips for ensuring a rewarding and fulsome experience.

Join led2serve in the celebration of moving their offices to Kansas. It is the dedication of faculty, students, alumni and many others that will bring successful learning outcomes to all.


Be at The Center of it all... at Kansas Wesleyan University!


led2play, local to global

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led2play is an amazing Service Learning Journey that combines your servant heart with the inner child that we all have. From our younger days, we have wondered if play could be a vehicle that could make a lasting impact in the lives of other people. It can and it does! It is the purest form of serving. The smiles, the stories, the friendships, the meals afterwards; some of our most favorite moments come from being led2play with someone else. Give a little, play a little, play it forward... 

World-renowned soccer player, Jackie Bachteler, partnered with Co-founder, Nancy Cummings, to create meaningful Service Journeys combining sport, play and service activies.

Jackie adds passion and purpose to her sport.  She is a trainer, coach, mentor and friend to children and students across the globe.  Bridging her playing style with her teaching technique, she has created the "soccer dance" and has elevated soccer to a brand new level.  Having competed as a professional player in the U.S., Sweden, and Finland, Jackie has enriched the lives of countless people all around the world. 


Looking Ahead

Tue Sep 16 - Fri Sep 19
All Saints' Academy ~ 10th grade
Key Largo, Florida
Sat Oct 04 - Sat Oct 11
"Friend or Foe?: Survival of the Fittest in the Tropics"
Costa Rica
Wed Mar 04 - Fri Mar 06
All Saints' Academy ~ 7th grade
Ocala, Florida
Wed Mar 04 - Fri Mar 06
All Saints' Academy ~ 8th Grade
Key Largo, Florida
Fri Mar 13 - Sun Mar 22
KWU Alumni Service Journey
Berlin and Munich, Germany
Fri Mar 13 - Sun Mar 22
Learning from History (or not): Civil Rights in Germany before and after 1945
Berlin and Munich, Germany
Fri Mar 13 - Sun Mar 22
Sanity (or not): Paradox in Psychology and Mental Health
Berlin and Munich, Germany
Sat Mar 14 - Sat Mar 21
KWU, Alternative Spring Break
Costa Rica
Wed Apr 15 - Sat Apr 18
Play & Serve, String Orchestra Class Journey
Live Oak, Florida
Sun May 10 - Thu May 21
Training for the Gold
Cologne, Germany


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