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Wesleyan Journey


(KWU students and faculty in Costa Rica, Spring 2014)

KWU is passionate about every student serving and learning. The college offers one free Wesleyan Journey to every qualified student!

One of the most innovative opportunities offered to KWU students is the option to register for a course which includes an intentional and meaningful service experience with travel, domestic or abroad. This is the Wesleyan Journey.

Register for your 2015/16 Wesleyan Journey HERE!


Students may register for a Wesleyan Journey course as early as their freshman year (at their own cost).

To receive a FULLY FUNDED Wesleyan Journey you must meet the following criteria:

  1.  a GPA of 2.0 or above
  2.  have completed 4 semesters as a full-time student 
  3.  if a transfer student; have completed 3 semesters as a full-time student 
  4.  be in good academic and financial standing upon registration

These courses being offered at Kansas Wesleyan will all have intentional serving components. This partnership with led2serve allows KWU the chance to provide life-changing, service-learning opportunities to students with an established organization that has strong relationships with partner communities across the globe. 

In addition to the faculty member traveling with their students to teach the course, a led2serve Journey Leader will accompany and guide them into established partner locations. They will support the faculty and oversee logistics, serving initiatives and communication with community partners.


Need More Information?

Visit The Center for Global Service Learning located in Room 320 of the Hall of Pioneers on the campus of Kansas Wesleyan University. You may also contact Vanessa Puleo, Director at The Center for Global Service Learning at (407) 227-2695 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions. 


 * If students choose an international Journey that is fully funded, they will be responsible for having a current and valid passport. 



Looking Ahead

Sat Oct 10 - Sat Oct 17
Sail About ~ Servant Leadership (FULL)
Key Largo, Florida
Sun Oct 11 - Sun Oct 18
Communication through Music (FULL)
San Carlos, Santa Teresa; Costa RIca
Sun Jan 03 - Sun Jan 10
Environmental Resilience
Nuevo Arenal, Monteverde; Costa RIca
Sat Mar 12 - Fri Mar 18
The Costa Rican Experience: From History to the Environment; Culture to Economics
San Carlos, Santa Teresa; Costa Rica
Sat Mar 12 - Fri Mar 18
The Perfect Playbook (FULL)
San Carlos, Santa Teresa; Costa Rica
Sun May 08 - Sat May 21
Sleeping Beauty to Degenerate Art: Germany's Visual Legacy
Berlin and Munich, Germany
Sat Jul 09 - Sat Jul 16
World Nutrition as Politics
Nuevo Arenal, Monteverde, Santa Teresa; Costa Rica


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